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Replica Panerai Watches: Swiss vs Japanese

  • Posted on November 21, 2014 at 3:49 am

It has been a long time since the Japanese watchmakers have entered this field. It is not that just one day out of the blue moon, they started creating watches of high quality. Their history in this field goes way back to the time when their Swiss competitors started producing high quality watches. Japanese companies such as Seiko, Orient, Casio and Citizen Watch Co. have been in this field of producing watches for a long time now. Even though these companies create watches that are famous worldwide, it is in the field of replica panerai watches that the Japanese watchmakers stand out. The replica panerai watches that are available today are extremely similar to the original ones.

replica panerai watches swiss movement

replica panerai watches swiss movement

Nowadays, the top replica panerai watches are put into three categories which differ in terms of the material used in the watches, accuracy of the replica panerais and price of the replica panerai watches. If the look of the replica panerai is more accurate as the original, the price will be higher.

replica panerai watches swiss movement

Comparison of Japanese vs Swiss Panerai watches

  • The Swiss replica panerais offer a warranty of 180 days on all damages and the Japanese replica panerais offer a 90 days warranty, but this is only for manufacturing defects.
  • The price of the Swiss replica panerais vary from $500 to $800, whereas, the price of Japanese replica panerais vary from $180 to $260.
  • The Swiss replica panerais will have all the markings and engravings which the original watches have and the weight and size will also be the same, whereas, the Japanese replica panerais slightly differ from the original because the markings and engravings are only slightly visible in these watches.
  • The movement functioning of Swiss replica panerais was manufactured in Switzerland, whereas, the movement mechanism of Japanese replica panerais was manufactured in Japan.
  • The Swiss replica panerais use ETA movement and resemble the original in almost every feature, whereas, the Japanese replica panerais use Miyota movement, which makes the watches slightly different from the original ones.